Papers and Preprints

(In published work I use my full first name, Dmitriy.)


A tight degree 4 sum-of-squares lower bound for the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Hamiltonian
Dmitriy Kunisky, Afonso S. Bandeira

Subexponential-time algorithms for sparse PCA
Yunzi Ding, Dmitriy Kunisky, Alexander S. Wein, Afonso S. Bandeira

Mapping political communities: a statistical analysis of lobbying networks in legislative politics
In Song Kim, Dmitriy Kunisky
[Submitted 03/2019]

Computational hardness of certifying bounds on constrained PCA problems
Afonso S. Bandeira, Dmitriy Kunisky, Alexander S. Wein
[arXiv:1902.07324] [Slides]

Connections between sum-of-squares optimization and structured tight frames
Afonso S. Bandeira, Dmitriy Kunisky
[SPIE Wavelets and Sparsity 2019] [PDF]

Sum-of-squares optimization and the sparsity structure of equiangular tight frames
Afonso S. Bandeira, Dmitriy Kunisky
[SampTA 2019] [arXiv:1901.10697] [Slides]


A Gramian description of the degree 4 generalized elliptope
Afonso S. Bandeira, Dmitriy Kunisky
[arXiv:1812.11583] [Supplementary Materials]
Best Poster Award at 2018 Princeton Day of Optimization

Hysteresis control of epithelial-mesenchymal transition dynamics conveys a distinct program with enhanced metastatic ability
Toni Celià-Terrassa, Caleb Bastian, Daniel D. Liu, Brian Ell, Nicole M. Aiello, Yong Wei, Jose Zamalloa, Andres M. Blanco, Xiang Hang, Dmitriy Kunisky, Wenyang Li, Elizabeth D. Williams, Herschel Rabitz, Yibin Kang
[Nature Communications 9, No. 1, 2018]

Other Writing


Notes on computational hardness of hypothesis testing: predictions using the low-degree likelihood ratio
Dmitriy Kunisky, Alexander S. Wein, Afonso S. Bandeira


The theft and the honest toil: applications of large cardinal axioms to the theory of measurable selection
Dmitriy Kunisky (Undergraduate Senior Thesis, 2014)

Discrete applications of Brownian motion
Dmitriy Kunisky (Undergraduate Junior Paper, 2013)