Spring 2023 Modern Probability for Theoretical Computer Science
Spring 2022 Sum-of-Squares Optimization
Fall 2020 Mathematical Statistics
Section Leader and Grader (with Prof. Jonathan Niles-Weed)
Summer 2020 Discrete Mathematics
Section Leader and Grader (with Prof. Vindya Bhat)
Fall 2018 Probabilistic Time Series Analysis
Section Leader and Grader (with Prof. Cristina Savin)


I have advised the following students with independent and graduate work. Please get in touch if you'd be interested in working with me!

  • Nikolaus Doppelbauer (ETH Zurich Master's degree, co-advised with Afonso Bandeira)
    "Packing problems in groups, including mutually unbiased bases: symmetries and dual witnesses."
    [Supplementary Materials]